About Us

Company Profile

Green Energy is in evolved in the business of manufacturing and selling of Solar Water Heaters based on Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) and Flat Plate Collector (FPC) Technologies. Green Energy is a partnership firm promoted by the Bhimani & the Javia family and has been operational since 2007. Other than Solar Water Heaters The products profile of the company includes Solar Lighting System, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Pumping System and other renewable energy. The manufacturing facility of Green Energy is Located in GIDC Lodhika, Metoda of Rajkot district in State of Gujarat (India). The Register Brand name of Company is “Eco Green Solar”.


Before engaging into manufacturing the company was working as all India distributor for Solarela marketing sdn bhd, Having its Head office in Ipoh,Perak,Malaysia. The company is pioneer in introducing Evacuated Glass Tube (ETC) Solar Water Heater Systems in India. The Company Has supplied Solar Water Heater Systems to Various types of customers such as residential, hostels, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, NGOS etc.

Core Competence

Green Energy provides best quality products & Services which include installation, testing & Commissioning of Solar Water Heaters in various models & capacities. The endeavor of the company involves well trained manufacturing staff, technical staff, service technicians and above all more than 200 dealer’s outlets all over the company

The Company provides training to technicians of all dealers for installation and commissioning of products. These technicians are also trained for after sales services at well-equipped training center of the company.

And this is most importance core competence of the company by which company is able to solve any complain within 24 hours.

This help the company in developing a sound customer relationship by providing high quality after sales service. For Single point tracking and solution of complains company owns a customer care call center with a memorable telephone No. 78 78 44 44 14.

On the basis of customer feedback, we carry out continuous improvement in our existing products and lay foundation for future development of company.

Our Vision

Let us endeavor to make Eco Green a trusted household name.

Our Mission

  • To offer a range of products at affordable prices, which add to comfort of life through saving of money, time and energy.
  • To make our products meet international quality standards and provide trouble free performance.
  • To adopt designs, which support timely and efficient post sale service.
  • To continuously innovate and add value to our products, if needed with technical collaboration.
  • To continuously assess and improve customer care.

Corporate Ethics

At “Eco Green “believes that Truth and honesty is the only base which can sustain an organization through the turbulences over its life cycle. And in our experience the most fruitful way of seeding trust is through transparency. Our company is growing constantly because, we are delivering what we are saying.

Environment & Society

As we all know the atmosphere around us are polluting more & mode, day by day. One average figure saysthat 1kwh energy produced by coal is emitting 1kg of Co2.

When we use LPG or Electricity to heat up water for our daily household usage we are taking active part in polluting or environment. A 100 liter per day capacity system is suitable for 3-4 people and can save 1500 units of Electricity in a year.

Our company is producing and installing averagely 50000 Liter per day capacity of solar water Heater systems and helps to save approx 750 kw of electricity in year and hence reducing emission of Green House Gases to let our children breath pollution free air and live healthy.

Quality Policy

Our company always strive for customer satisfaction, Excellence in Quality of products and services.